Starting out

Hi there.

For a long time I’ve thought about keeping track of the travels I’ve gone on. I didn’t go on holidays as a kid, as we couldn’t afford it (and I’m not sure my parents would really have wanted to anyway) but when I went away for seven months at the age of 22 I knew it would be something that would pretty much dominate my life from then on. I was right. Seven years later and every spare penny I have goes towards the next trip. The unfortunate thing is that I never started this blog before now – I’d have had years worth of updates from Morocco to Myanmar, from Porto to Pondicherry. I could go back and try to write out updates from each of those but what I have remembered is probably outweighed by what I’ve forgotten – I’ll add in little details from my past to my posts as and when they’re relevant.

The thing that has defined my travels is the way I’ve tried to do it on the smallest budget possible. Partly out of necessity, and partly out of trying to extract as much time away as possible. This will be the main thing about the posts on this site – you’ll rarely see me taking or giving advice on taxis if there’s a way I could have walked. I’ll be talking about the cheap restaurants, where the locals are sat around not caring about Michelin stars, or the supermarkets where you can put together your own snacks while sat on a brick wall, out the back of a bus station, under the morning sun.

My recent trips have nearly all been under two weeks, and I don’t expect that to change all that much in the coming years. I’m not lucky enough to have the stray-dog freedom of those who don’t need to work, so I try to treat every break as a chance to see as much as possible, wasting as little time as I can. Although there is always time to sit on a beach with an ice cold bottle of the local beer. One day I hope to get away for a few months as I did seven years ago, but for now I’ll be walking through streets as many times a year as I can, for a few days to a couple of weeks. I’m sure I can see and report back about plenty in that time.

Hopefully these posts can encourage you to save that taxi money and find a different route to where you’re going.


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